The South African healthcare industry is known to be one of the most dynamic and complex in the world. The public sector provides healthcare to 80% of the population which accounts to 48% of total spending, while the private sector provides 20% of the population accounting for 50% of total spending.

Factors driving growth of the private health care sector

4 Reasons to invest in healthcare 

Passive income 

Investors enjoy the benefits of earning consistent passive income generated from dividends.

Capital appreciation 

healthcare infrastructure values usually apprecaites over a period of time benchmarked by inflation rate. As an investor, you are entitled to the income generated from selling your shares after your holding period. Seasoned investors usually have a holding period of between 6 to 10 years, however if economic conditions allow this can be a little longer.

High tangible value 

Infrastructure investment is backed up by the brick and mortar making it less volatile to economic shocks, unlike stocks and bonds. The underlying property is also insurable in case of any unfortunate event, therefore your capital is almost guaranteed.


Healthcare infrastructure investments provides a unique diversifaction opportunity for seasoned investors who wish to balance their investment portfolio.